Biography – ADANOISE

Hey, we are „Adanoise“

We stand for a versatile arranged electronic-live-music-project formed by Fabian Martin (producer and saxophonist) and Marcel Vojvodic (producer and drummer).
Together we aim to be more than „just“ a regular live act on a stage. We want to combine our individual strengths and influences creating a rousing live-performance where we put our intsrumental skills up front.
By merging live played instruments with produced electronic music paired with a professional stage performance we create a unique live experience with an effect compared to a massive rock show.
Aside remixes we produce and perform self written songs.

We both have been active in the event industry for a long time either on the stage or behind the faders/ operating for light and sound.
In the past years we have met by chance at events every once in a while leading us to create this brand.

At the „Innenhoffestival“we met for the first time. Fabian played there with his band and Marcel worked as a sound engineer that year. For example we also ran into each other at a show by the band “The Wright Thing” (studio band of Xavier Naidoo and Casandra Steen), in which Fabian plays the saxophonist.
We see great added value for our common path, especially in the musically different origins. Marcel generates his musical direction from fusion, rock and trap. Fabian, on the other hand, comes mainly from the areas of classical, house and jazz.
Seen in this way, we come from two different branches of music. But burning for one and the same cause, in which we pull together with all our hearts.

This is reflected in the joint work, in which there was no acclimatization phase, but instead we worked directly target-oriented and uncompromisingly towards the upcoming launch of the brand “adanoise“.

We both come from families of musicians, which means that musical work has become a main part of our lives from a very young age.
Fabian completed his bachelor’s and master’s degree with a major in saxophone at the renowned „Musikakademie Basel“.
Even at a young age, he was able to win for example the federal “Jugend Jazzt” award with his big band. Today he is booked with national and international bands from Greece to Italy to Fuerteventura.

Marcel was able to gain a lot of experience through playing in cover bands and his own projects and won, among other things, international and national awards, such as the award for the best film music at the “Gavioli” film festival in Como and the second place in the Schwarzwald-Baar culture award.
For the following winter semester he is aiming to study percussion at the Pop-Akademie Mannheim.

With Johannes Klenko, “adanoise” has added another size to the team. With his alias “SEEQ” he celebrates numerous dance chart successes worldwide, such as “Soundcontrol” (Beatport worldwide Big Room # 3) and gained an audience of millions with his music. Traveling from Cologne to Seoul, he is one of the best-known newcomers in the field of electronic festival music.

Johannes Feederle (Feederle Media) will accompany live events as photo and video support.
He has years of experience in the field of film and photography, as he has already realized large international projects for well-known companies in cooperation with a production company in Cologne and several agencies.
His musical background as a drummer / guitarist and last but not least his creative mind make him the perfect partner for our project.