5 Signs that You Need to See a Dentist 

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A dentist is a professional who is tasked to help you take care of your teeth. But like doctors, they can only do so much for you. You are the one who is mainly responsible for your own dental health and wellness. As such, you should follow all dental hygiene guidelines that they give you and be wary of all the tell-tale signs of the most common dental problems.  


To know for sure if you need to call the dentist, read more about the five signs listed below. The moment you experience them is the moment that you know for sure that you have to see a dentist as soon as possible.  

  1. Infection, pain, and swelling

If you notice that your gums are swelling and there’s some sort of ulcer or infection in certain areas, then it’s something that your dentist should see. Usually, this condition is also coupled with a lot of pain. Don’t make the matter any worse. See your dentist immediately.  

  1. Changes in teeth alignment 

Your teeth are supposed to stay in a perfect array. However, there are instances when they seem to get misaligned. If this happens, then something’s definitely wrong in your teeth and you have to talk to a dentist to get to the bottom of the issue. This could be a problem with your teeth or gum line.  

  1. Bleeding 

Healthy gums don’t bleed but unhealthy gums are very sensitive. Bleeding gums are usually tender and swollen. If you see blood in your floss and toothbrush, then that should be a cause of concern too. You have to correct the sensitive gum issue or even more problems could arise. 

  1. Sensitive teeth 

Sensitive teeth are a common problem and are not really a cause for concern, until it bothers you very frequently. If it’s the wisdom tooth that’s causing intense sensitivity, then you have to see the dentist right away. Sensitive wisdom tooth tends to break through the gum tissue and that could be the start of a problem that’s much worse than what you’re experiencing today. 

  1. Broken tooth due to accidents

While a broken tooth is common among children, it is a major concern among adults. For whatever reason you broke your tooth, schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. This shouldn’t be an emergency case, unless of course you broke your tooth due to an accident. If that’s what happened, then you have to see a medical doctor first to assess your physical condition. After which, see your dentist to know your options as far as correcting the problem is concerned. 

These are the five signs of dental health issues that merit a red flag. All of these only mean that you have to see your dentist at the soonest time possible. However, dental offices don’t really offer 24-hour services like hospitals. If it’s definitely an emergency case, then you can go to the ER for assistance. Otherwise, you can just wait for the business hours of the nearest dental office to get the best dentist to handle your case and address your concern.  

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